Friday, April 15, 2011

Download Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Offline Installer

Yahoo messenger, it's like instant messenger software that must exist on the computer every internet user, because the Yahoo Messenger instant messenger software is the most popular in Indonesia.

With the competition between the instant messenger feature at this time, Yahoo did not want to lose, and ultimately issued a beta version of Yahoo Messenger 11 latest. Although still in beta, yahoo messenger latest version is feasible for you to test because it is rich in new features.

Yahoo messenger 11 beta has now been connected with several popular games such as: Fishville, happy harvest, draw my thing, happy manor, balloono, etc. and the next version will be equipped also with a game mafia wars.

But the features that make the Yahoo Messenger beta 11 is different from previous versions is a feature of his social network where on yahoo messenger 11 beta is already integrated and connected directly with several social networks like: Yahoo! pulse, flickr, facebook, even twitter.

Screenshot :

Fitur – fitur baru lainnya di Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta :

  1. Can easily connect with friends - your friends wherever you are. You can view, comment, nge-like etc. to Yahoo! Pulse, twitter, facebook, flickr and other social networks directly from Yahoo Messenger 11 beta.
  2. You can chat directly to a friend - your friend on facebook, wondows live, etc. directly from Yahoo's latest Messenger.
  3. You can post the status to many social networks at once, such as facebook, twitter and yahoo pulse directly from yahoo messenger 11 beta.
  4. More multimedia features like video calls for free, exchange of photos and videos for free either between computers or to the iphone and android. Suitable for a longer courtship
  5. Chat virtually anywhere and anytime. You can chat on the computer and then resume at the iphone, android, blackberry or other device directly.
  6. Always online all the time: you can log in many devices at once, you can login on multiple computers and many devices simultaneously without fear of losing a message.
  7. Easy to see the message - a message that you receive in yahoo messenger when you log on the computer or other device (recent messages are stored online and not locally on your computer)
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Download Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Offline Installer

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